The Bundle


This BUNDLE provides teachings on violence prevention.

Quadrant 1.

Where We Are:

Acknowledging Indigenous cultures and healing together.

Quadrant 2.

Where We’ve Been:

Learning about our shared history, and the impact of colonization on Indigenous communities.

Quadrant 3.

What Exists and What Needs to Exist:

Learning and working together.

Quadrant 4.

Where We Are Going:

Promoting positive relationships.


While it is recommended that you view the bundle in it's entirety first, it is also available in Quadrants. Please hover over the image on the right to link to the Bundle or its individual quadrants.

This Bundle is not meant to tell you everything; it is a resource to address violence against Indigenous women and girls so that strategies will create change. The teachings contained within this booklet strive to enable people to share their stories and find solutions within themselves and community. As Indigenous peoples, we have the sacred teachings and the answers to make change.

Let’s do it together.

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