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Enjoy Quadrant #2 of Walking In Her Moccasins

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Walking in Her Moccasins, violence against women, congress of aboriginal peoples, white ribbon, bundle, toolkit, .pdf, instructions


PAGE #33

Book Reference:

Our land : the Maritimes : the basis of the Indian claim in the Maritime provinces of Canada / co-editors, Gary P. Gould, Alan J. Semple

ISBN: 092076214X

PAGE #34

Crown-Aboriginal Treaties,1763-2005


WIHM Bundle Page #34 | Crown-Aboriginal Treaties in Canada | 1763-2005
WIHM Bundle Page #34 | Crown-Aboriginal Treaties in Canada | 1763-2005

PAGE #38


Book Reference:

Maria Campbell, Half-Breed. Formac Publishing Company Limited. Halifax, NS, 1973.

ISBN: 0887801161